"Make It Happen" Essential Oil Roller

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Nysa's newest oil roller, "Make It Happen", is formulated with specific ingredients to help you tap into your highest potentials, create more focus, motivation & inspiration to help you achieve your goals and dreams. Apply it to the soles of the feet, the wrists, the temples, behind the ears, or the back of the neck to ensure you're doing the absolute best for yourself.

The Nysa Movements 'Make It Happen' Health essential oil roller features 100% pure grade A therapeutic essential oils that assist the body and mind.  These include Orange, Ylang Ylang, Sandalwood, Frankincense, Cypress, and Rosemary essential Oils.  


Each bottle was carefully chosen for both aesthetic appeal and functionality. Not only does the frosted amber glass maintain the integrity of the essential oils inside, but it also adds to the beauty of your home decor! Topped with a charming bamboo lid, each bottle also has its own inspirational and beautifully detailed brass label that you can keep long after your bottle runs dry.


Orange - energy-boosting, mood-enhancing, helps to overcome fatigue, reduces stress and has antibacterial properties.

Ylang Ylang - calms the nervous system, improves mood. Reduces: anxiety, nervousness, depression. Lowers blood pressure. Improves memory and thinking skills. Repairs damage, reduces stress on nerves and helps to protect them.

Sandalwood - balancing, grounding, enhances mood, boosts memory, lowers blood pressure, induces relaxation. Enhances concentration, positive thoughts, and inner vision. High in antioxidants.

Frankincense - good for skin. Combats: anxiety, low energy, low moods. Positive effects on the limbic system. Balances: the nervous system, energy levels. Lifts spirit and promotes authenticity.

Cypress - grounding oil that improves circulation. Promotes energy, vitality and wakefulness. Improves motivation, self-confidence, perseverance and willpower.

Rosemary - combats fatigue and positively stimulates the nervous system. Helps to improve focus, attention span, cognitive abilities. Promotes feelings of contentment. May also reduce cortisol levels.

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